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Buzz Feiten System

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Hi folks B) I performed a search on the forum and I understood what it is. But now i want know a thing. On his site I seen pictures of Fender guitar, Gibson and acoustic. I can't understand how it can be applied to locking nut. I seen the Steve's comment, or does he use it only on his acoustic? :D

How can I apply it on my guitar? I'm going to make my first JEM neck but I would like apply it on my Strat too. :D

I took a trip on Earvana.com, maybe that is the short way for Strat. What do you think about?




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The Buzz Feiten Tuning System is a combination tuning adjustment at both the nut and the bridge. You can use it with a locking nut, but it involves having part of the fretboard routed away to move the nut closer by a precise amount. This part is the same for all instruments, just moving the nut closer to the first fret, only difference is how it's done and by how much.

For the bridge adjustment you are adjusting the intonation to off-set adjustments that work to compensate the different strings to play more "in tune" with one another, especially between F and B bar chords. It's based on adjusting the third note in a chord to play more pleasently by compensating the fifth, more or less. Anywho, you can do it on acoustic, but it involves a lot of work and actually moving the saddle back, usually by filling in the saddle slot and routing another spot for it in the bridge.

I'm an authorized retrofitter for electrics and bass and whatnot, but not for acoustics, though that has been how the acoustic part was explained to me.

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