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Excellent info on this site... I'm refininshing an black Ibanez RG to cream white, and it would be nice to be able to refinish the headstock too... So if anyone could send me an Ibanez logo file I would be very glad...


Do you guys think that overhead plastic sheets for laser printers will work fine for logos? I'm also thinking of doing some custom graphics on the body with this method, will it work?



Oh, BTW, I checked my color coat now (sprayed it today with spray can), and the finish is not very even, and you can see that the surface is not very smooth. Is this normal, and will disappear when clear coating? Or shold I sand it down with like 1200 and then clear coat? Or sand down and then spray another time and the clear?

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Welcome to the forum :D I don't have the file you need but on the paint job the best I can tell you is take it back down to a nice smooth surface before going any further.

If you just spray more and more coats thinking you'll build up enough to sand it smooth, chances are it will turn out kinda hilly or wavy by the time it is finished and you won't be happy with it.

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The problem is, reproduction is not legal. The only way that people like myself get away with it, is I have a verbal agreement with Hoshino that I will put the Ibanez logo ONLY on Ibanez guitars, and I will not sell or give away the logo's to anyone for fear of fraudulant guitars. I realize that this is not your intended purpose, but from a legal standpoint, even in believing your intent 100%, I'm not willing to risk my business.

Now, having said that, if you still have the logo on there, or have another ibanez guitar, or even just find a picture of an Ibanez headstock on the internet, it's not difficult to get one made, talk to a local sign shop. Also, they look crappy, but there is some guy selling ones on ebay, they are completely illegal, and Ibanez knows about him, but it's an option you might have.

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