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A Few Wiring Questions


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I am working a standard 2 humbucker, 2 vol, 2 tone, 3 way toggle setup using the following schematic - ommitting the coil tap.

Wiring Schematic

My problem is this - the volume pot for the bridge pickup works fine but when i switch to neck it is always on! Any ideas?

Other things i was wondering are as follows

On the above schematic the cap is wired from the the vol to tone pot but on other versions of this setup the cap is wire for the tone pot to the tone casing - which is the best arrangement?

Also every pot is grounded to it's own casing, then everything is grounded to bridge. Can i not just run a daisy chain around each item to bridge without also having to ground each pot to the casing as well?

Lastly the caps used in this schematic are 47 whereas i thought .22 was the standard

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If it were wired exactly like the diagram, you wouldn't be having any problems with either volume pot (except that they'll interact). You'll need to go back and find the mistake you made. I'd start with the ground connection on the neck volume pot, but that's just me. I personally use the tone cap connection shown in the SD diagram, but either is equally acceptable.

As for the daisy-chained grounds idea, you can probably get away with a simple buss grounding scheme without serious ground loops, but star grounding is going to be the quietest possible method. Simply pick a spot (it's usually the back of the upper volume pot, but that's just tradition - literally any spot will do), and connect every ground lead, including the bridge ground, the jack, the pickups, any shielding and each pot case to it - presto, instant star ground! :D

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