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Anyone Knows Somethign About Hondo Ii Guitars?

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Hey all of ya, i`m from argentina and recently bought from a friend (who had it laying around in pieces) a Hondo II Les Paul. It`s black and the bindings and all... it`s kinda like a black beauty, and very nice, actually.

I tried to look un for info on this guitar on the web but all i get are reviews and stuff like that, no substancial info...

I also heard that most of them had Dimarzio pickups??? Pickups on this one are quite good looking (haven´t heared them yet) but they don`t say "dimarzio" anywehere... :D

Question is... can anyone of you more-experienced people tell me something about this thingie, and perhaps help me find out the model, year of making, etc...?

Another thing... I´m a leftie, and the guitar`s not B) so i was planning on modifying it for a letfie... cut a horn... another cavity... :D

Thanks already!!!!!

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