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Neeed Help Plz

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I was hoping that one of you genius's would be able to tell me where i can find a lifesize blueprint of and Explorer guitar. I have tried guitarbuild.com but that just comes of WAY too big and i don't understand how i could possiblyprint out that stuff and draw an explorer on to a piece of wood in the right size... any answers are appreciated :D (also if you can teach me how this stuff works on guitarbuild.com :D)

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If you want an explorer that is a perfect copy, go to a shop, give manager a 6 pack, and trace it on to a big piece of paper.

I gave the owner of my local shop a 6 pack once when he helped me with an expired warranty repair , and I got a 15% discount next time I was there!


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Gi Ace, is it possible the cad drawings on guitarbuild.com are done in metric units instead of inches? If so the drawing would appear to be huge. Try scaling the drawing by 1/25.4 or .0397, this should get you to inches if the drawing is in metric.

I just checked out one of the explorer drawings on guitarbuild.com, it is indeed a metric drawing. Your cad program should have a scaleing function. Just scale the drawing the the factor I gave above and you should be good to go. I think if you take the dxf or dwg file to an Office Max or Kinkos the should be able to print it for you full size.

If you can't get the drawing scaled let me know and I will scale whichever one you want and email it to you.

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