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I'm thinking about when i make my guitar (gonna start making it this summer i hope, explorer shaped from Mahogany wood, maple neck with rosewood or ebony fingerboard and im thinking if I could buy a Bubinga veneer and cut it out exacly the same size as the explorer, paint the Mahogany black and the but grainfiller (btw i've read alot about this stuff but im from iceland and i don't really really get what this grainfiller is, i have some thoughts but im not sure, is it some stuff you but in to the pores of the wood?) in the pores and put black epoxy from stewmac.com and the use like green translucent dupli color spray or something like that on the bubinga like this but only green on mine and bubinga veneer --> http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...pic=9113&st=255 coz i really really liked this finish... Do you think that could work, any tips are greatly appreciated :D:D

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