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Acoustic Idea

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get two 2'in picese of wood ,glue them together then route out the inner camber.

then glue picese on top of that "dont forget to cut out your guitar small backpack style"cut your sound hole and attach your neck ..kinda like this


would it make a good porch picker.

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it sounds like an acoustic thinline tele, it would work, seems like a waste of wood to me. but then again the extra wood would probably cover the cost of buying sides and getting someone to bend them.

yeah kinda quick idea, see i got few picese of wood that are kinda off

but would work for this.

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kinda like a semi-hollow electric. I call them Electricoustic. Stew-Mac sells a tele shaped body that is semi-hollow. I have done a couple and they sounded pretty good. Not enough volume unplugged for concert use but works great for sitting on the porch, picking and singing. If you use the right pickups (I prefer Rio Grande and Barbeque pickups from LMII) it has a great sound when amped. :D

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