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Headless Bass Refinish

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I recently refinishing and old cort headless bass from the 80's. It was hacked by two previous owners and now it's time for me to make it right again. I have it stipped down to the sanding sealer and down to the grain on the top. The top was refinished badly in the past with no sealer left.

The neck is mahogany and the wings are ash I think, I'm almost considering taking it right down and goin natural. My budget is really tight and I'm not doing anything crazy with it just making it right again.

These basses were always black or metalic grey, I want to do something alittle more appealing without tighting up the demographic even more by painting it a silly orange or something like that.

When it comes to metallic finish I have a certain thing for a rootbeer brown but maybe that's just me.

Any suggestions?

If I go natural, what kind of stain should be used on the mahogany and ash?



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the mettalic brown sounds very interesting.......A light blue color might lok nice...maybe with a flamed maple veneer

lmao maybe an EVH paint job! but then again i tihnk those look good on any weird shaped guitar/bass

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