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(yet Another) Binding Question...

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Hi everyone!

Making my first guitar, and it's going to be a telecaster type of affair. I'll be adding binding on both the top and bottom edges and was wondering if there is any special technique or clever hints for making the binding join nicely into the neck where it meets the body. Do you cut across the length of the binding material at an angle to make it flush with the line of the neck pocket?

If it helps I'll be doing the standard tele AANJ neck pocket.

Thanks very much!!


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Standard tele is not an AANJ, so I'm a bit confuzzled.

I would say that you're better off not trying to get the neck binding to 'run into' the body binding. As you say, you'd have to somehow angle it from the neck because the fretboard sits higher than the body. I can't think of any way of getting the two to meet that wouldn't look a bit funny. At the end of the day, I think keeping the two 'heights' of binding separate would be the better option, but that's strictly an opinion.


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Thanks for the reply Greg.. erm AANJ.. don't know where I got that from, my bad. I'm using the regular everyday Tele bolt on neck pocket type thingy.

As regards the binding, I probably didn't explain too clearly.. I wasn't talking about the binding meeting the neck at the upper edge of the neck; I realise the neck sits proud of the body top so there is a height difference. I just really meant where the binding comes into contact with the side of the neck at the join with the body.. is there any recommended way to have the binding curve nicely into the side of the neck without leaving the end of the binding square, and therefore a slight angling in of the contour between binding and neck..

I'm really not explaining this very well am I?!?

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i know that this thread is a bit old, but as i was doing my "searches" i came across it. so in reference to the previous post, does that mean the body binding should be installed prior to routing the neck and, if so, does the binding hold tightly enough (thinking of using "Weld On 16" as per stewmac) that it does not peel up when the router bit comes in contact with it?

sorry for resurrecting the thread again, however, i would appreciate any and all replies! :D

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