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hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum, and am looking at doing a project during this summer.

I want to make a randy rhoads offset v, neck thru with 24 frets. I have started researching some things, and they are becoming easier to understand but i still have questions.

Is home depot a vaiable place to buy guitar wood from or any other suggestions of where to buy it from.

This is my first project and i was wondering what do i need to do to aviod giving the guitar bad balance.

How do i insert a trussrod into the neck wood, i am looking to do it myself.

Is fretting a slotted fingerboard difficult.

Thank you in advance for your help i am looking forward to the project, and am just looking for some guidance.

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1st welcome...

Then you posted in the wrong forum, you should have gone to the solid body section. Alsso do a search with the key words for the question you just posted, like trussrod, fingerboard, etc...

Go to www.projectguitar.com which is the main page for the forum and go to the tutorial section, and last, the inprogress section have tons of threads on guys making their guitars with in detail explanation and pics... don't expect to get hand feed too much, once you do a bit of homework and reading, you will see that you can get the answer to your questions in less time if you search than if you wait for somebodies answer. Also look on the top of this section for Westheman neckthru tutorial, it's not finished, Wes is waiting for me to go to Texas and finish it for him... well lets say he got a lot of things in progress and haven't been able to get to it. But this is an excelent thread for what you want to do.

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