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Striped Face Screw

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hey all. i'm trying to take the pickguard off my teisco to check the wireing and make sure everything is in good shape because it certainly does not sound like it is. This guitar was my uncles a few years ago and he told me his friend added a pickup in between the two single coils (S/H/S). The only problem is he didn't route it ala swimming pool style and so one of the screws is actually drilled into the wood. The other problem is, ever since i got it, the screw didn't look fresh, and sure enough, the face of it is stripped and i can't move it at all. I've tried 5 different screw drivers and vice grips but they just can't grip on to something so little.

Any advice on how to get this sucker out?

-Jamie :D

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Hmmm, i'm going to add my NOVICE opinion. I am not a guitar specialist, but I *AM* an apprentice carpenter. I can tell you off the bat that in order to get a stuborn screw like that out, the experienced carpenters use some sort of special drill bit tool to bore into the middle of the screw, then they basically just yank it out. I am sorry that I can't explain further, but I haven't asked this question in about 2 years. I will ask again to try to get some more information for you.


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