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Quick ? About Replacing Strat Humbucker


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ok i have this bently fat strat copy that i set up to play metal. everything about it is death metal...except the pickups. if i wanted to replace the existing pickup with a dimarzio x2n would it require me to put in a new volume pot...i dunno because im guessing that its a 250 instead of a 500. i would just want to replace the humbucker and keep the singles in. i can do all the work easily its just the whole pot thing is iffy to me as i have never done any thing to this guitar's electronics. thanks in advance.

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if all you're doing is replacing a humbucker with another humbucker then you don't need to worry about the pots. just remove the existing wires one at a time, solder the new one's to the same place, mount the new pickup on the pickguard and shred away.

good luck

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