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I was looking for some information regarding the distance from the bridge to the center of the MusicMan bass humbucker, the scale will be 34"

I can't seem to find no info on the net, does anyone have a clue?! :D


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I already built a bass with a MM humbucker in the same position. To solve the problem of placing it correctly this is what I did:

I googled the net for a picture of a musicman bass standing up straight. I imported it and blew it up into CorelDraw then moved the image around so that the bridge would be at the 0.00 inches position on the ruler and the 12th fret at the 17 inch position on that ruler (for a 34inch scale of course) after that it's just a matter of reading the ruler to see where the pickup is placed.

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2-15/16" from the top edge of the bridge plate to the center of the pickup (NOT the saddles but the plate itself). It is 30-1/2" from the nut to the center if you want to go the other way to make sure you have it placed correctly.

That's correct if he's using a current style MM bridge but the older bridge plates were longer. And he may be using a different bridge anyway.

The centerline is 3 1/2" from the witness point on a bridge saddle before adjusting for compensation, and as you said, 30 1/2" from the nut.

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