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Hi guys im new, after seeing some of the work that is in these forums i was stunned, especially that Goldtop Archtop - i forget who makes it but i congratulate them on their efforts - beautiful job, and also that very spectacular les paul by setch.

I have been looking for an article on this for a while but could not come across one so i decided to ask you guys for help.

Is it possible to remove a top on a les paul and put on another one? - in my case my les paul has a chamber under the top so it makes it rather thin - i want to remove it and make a top out of ziricote wood. If anyone can give me some help on how this could be done it would be very appreciated (not that i dont have my own ideas :D )

also what would the pros and cons be of making a top for a guitar with 4 pieces instead of 2?

Spencer Starr :D

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good morning and welcome..there have been some lively discussions about this subject recently..use the search function at the upper right hand of the page and you'll find lots of opinions and some helpful information.

good luck

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