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Pots For Tone And Vol


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I need some help with my wiring on my guitar project.

Im using the BurstBucker pickups and I wanna use a 6 way rotary switch for each pickup - to get more choices - 1 thing, Splitting the humbucker to singel Coils.

I am thinking about what Pot I wanna use. I know that the Tone for humbuckers should be a 500k, and for single coil a 250k. I have also read using 1M pots for Humbuckers sounds great.

Tone Pots

So to get the best control of the sound of the different Pickup-combinations I should install a 250k, 500k, 1M - Tone???

Would this work? Would it give me control of treble, tone, bass? Or How would I get that?

Vol Pot

Im not really sure why or if its important with 250k or 500k pots for the Volume control. Can anyway help explaining this for me? :D

I know my questions might sound stupid to some of the more experienced builders and thats why I need some advice... Thanks

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Well, they all sound different - the higher the resistance of the pot is, the brighter the sound is (all other things being equal). For me, a 500K audio for volume and either a 500k or 250k linear for the tone pot works great, but that might not be what you're looking for. Since you're using humbuckers, I'd probably start with a pair of 500K pots, and if the results are too shrill when you split the coils, try replacing one or both with 250Ks. Sorry, but your ear's the only thing that's gonna tell you what's right for you with any given setup. The good news is unless you're using totally naff pickups, it's going to sound at least OK regardless of what you choose! :D

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Lovecraft, you have probly already thought of this but to prevent folk from making multiple decisions, how about a patch cord with the tone pot and all external to allow customer testing/tuning before the soldering commences? OH, Stimpy, you IDIOT!! :D

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