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Installing New Tuners.

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Hello. I am new to the group. I have a Saga TC-10 neck that I have finished and now have new tuners to install. The holes required are larger than what it is drilled for presently. Does anyone have a good recommendation on how to procede with this and not damage the finish? I thought all I might have to drill were the small holes for the nibs. These tuners are USA Fender Tele Strat Schaller TUNERS TUNING PEGS bought on Ebay, the kind with the F on the body.


From Deer Park, Texas

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If you know someone who works or is affiliated with a machine shop, as to borrow a reamer for a few minutes. That will work best. Some people think spinning a typical rill bit in reverse works, however I have never had good luck doing that. Use a really good brad point bit, hold it in your hand and carefully turn it backwards to score the hole. It should only be a few thousandths anyway so you might be able to do all of it by hand.

You could also break out your trust Dremel with a small sanding drum on it to open the hole or even just score the edge from the inside.

Hope that helps. Just be careful.


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Reamer definitely...

I tried (actually a friend of mine tried on my guitar) to open up the holes with a drill press...well, five of the holes were just fine...but the sixth is like, maybe 1 mm off...and that's enough to make it look really sloppy. It would have taken less time with a reamer and would have been more accurate.

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