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I Think I Just Made A Big Mistake

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I'm starting to put the finish on my "tele with a twist" project. This is my first attempt at building so the going has been slow, but good so far.

Here's my problem; I just sprayed on a coat of Kilz primer by mistake( I mistook it for BINS primer) :D Is this stuff compatible with my color coat (reranch vintage white) and clear lacquer top coat? It's the original kind, oil based, and can be used with water or oil based paints. If I have to sand it off I will. How far back should I sand? the body already had 2 coats of sealer and 1 coat of reranch white primer. Oh well... the learnig continues. Rob

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I'm at work too;but I do alot of computer work, and when I'm not swamped it's easy to check in here.

I have received alot of great support from the people here. I would not even know where to start without their help.

Just a little upset right now. I'll get over it.

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