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How Much Do You Spend On Paint?

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I just laid out 50 euros on cans of filler, primer, paint and clear coat for the project I'm working on ...and then I realized that that's more than the rest of the guitar cost me!

Usually paint around here is 5 bucks a can. Buy 2 primer, 3 colors and 4 clears thats almost 50 bucks(i am thinning the clears a bit. I usualy buy 6 :D ). I have been looking into a gun and compressor set to get me by for a while until i can save up and buy a good set...

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Too much color AlGee. One can should be enough, I can use a can for 2 guitar bodies and headstock.

But 50 is a standard price, this is why poly, even if it is expensive at the begining, comes cheaper in the long run. I'm like many here saving to get a decent rig for painting. Even if it is just for nitro, but the McFaddens and others in the long run is cheaper than the cans.

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