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Pocket Depth / Angle

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I am trying to use my Ibanez RG550 as a guide in building my new guitar. The only specs that I could find for the pocket is on the jemsite site which has a blue print of the Jem. It looks like the neck pocket (not the AANJ) is about 3/4" 19.4mm. It also appears that there is a small angle if I am reading the blue print correctly - it goes from 18.9 near the body to 19.4 at the furthest point from the body.

What is confusing me is all of the information through stew-mac and the books I have show pockets for the Strat style which is supposed to be 5/8" deep. I would rather not take my RG550 apart but I will if I have to. Does anyone know if the 3/4" dimension is correct? Is it deeper because of the Floyd style bridge? Should I try to duplicate that angle also?



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