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Possible Tonewood?

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Hi, I would like to know if I can used Australian cypress (not a true cypress) for necks and such.

I have the perfect sized boards for necks.

It has a bright bell like tap tone.

and i gathered some info about iton the net: Cypress has a seasoned density of approximately 700 kg/cu.m, compared to the other two at 550 kg/cu.m [4]. It therefore has earned the title of the world's hardest coniferous timber.

mine has few knots.

it is well seasoned and has not warped one bit.

I think it will be alright i have made a few practice necks out of it and the have not warped either but i want to know if i can use it for the real thing.

I know its a softwood but i noticed hynsu made some spectacular yellow pine guitars so i figured this might be alright.

thanks in advance


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I didnt want to clutter up the forum by starting a new thread,

so would any one be kind enough to tell me the dimensions of a gibson headstock, like how long and how wide at the widest point?

I know the scale is 24.75 inches but I can not find any where what the headstock dimensions are it is really annoying me.

I think it might be like 18cm ??? I dont know sombody please tell me

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Well, yellow pine is certainly hard enough for a body, and since they make necks out of mahogany, you should be fine to go with cypress. Just don't make the neck overly thin, and you might want to consider some carbon fiber for extra stiffness.

Also, I don't see why it needs to be a one piece neck; If you were to cut it up and relaminate it into a 3-piece quartersawn neck, you'd probably have a lot less trouble down the road.

As for a Gibson 'stock, just grab a front on view of a Gibson, blow it up to full scale by, say, expanding it until the scale length is correct, and then with some basic trig to account for the headstock angle, you have your dimensions!

This image should be a good starting point.

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