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Stereo Input And Ob Pre-amp Questions

Oddball Lefty

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Hi All.

Just found out that while my '81 Kramer XR7 came with some crappy Schaller humbuckers, It was listed in the catalog as being equipped with DiMarzio Dualsounds and a stereo input.

It has 4 jack and 3 switch holes, and I can see where the body was plugged with dowel in 2 places in the control cavity area.

Currently I have 2 EMGs but I might yank 'em and use 'em in another guitar.

So what I'm wondering is:

1. do the stereo inputs mean this thing came with an active pre-amp?

2. Where can I get a good active pre-amp suited for this guitar with coil-taps for dual passive humbuckers?

3. What sonic possibilities will open up for me with stereo input? What do I do with one? Plug it into 2 channels of an amp? Plug into 2 amps an once?

(I've only owned single-input guitars All with passive pickups until I EMG'd the Kramer with standard volume and tone controls, nothing with a onboard preamp)

Thanks, everyone!

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How'd I miss this thread? :D

  1. No. Stereo outputs simply mean (in this case) that each pickup had its own separate output.
  2. Preamps don't have anything to do with the coil-tapping - that switching should be done before the preamp. A forum search for onboard should point you towards info on some good preamps. Sorry, I'm too lazy to do it for ya! :D
  3. That's correct - the most currently popular use is to split piezos and magnetic pickups so they can be sent to different amps, but back in the day it was used for a lot more. Tom Petersson used to send a separate signal from each of his three pickups in his Chandler Royale 12 string bass to a different set of amps.
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