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Duct-taping A Guitar?/how To Finish

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hey, I've been a member of the forums for a while, but only posting/reading the electronics board. I've totally customised my electronics in the guitar, and feel quite competant with everything about guitars bar wood/finishing and was thinking of covering my selfcustomised strat in duct tape á la the noodles signiture model (picture here). However i have no idea about finishes or how to laquer it and was looking for some advice. So far, my plan is to block sand the finish on the body (a fender mex) back so the paint is matte (i.e. when the finish is gone) and place strips of duct tape all over (any idea how to get the black edges to the tape? see picture) until its covered and then use a normal finish to seal it. I've been looking around abit and noted that the most common finishes are nitrocellulose or polyester and that either one has an effect on tone. I'd like to keep the tone to a maximum and if theres any way to increase tone on the body it would be much apreciated. what i've picked up is that nitro is better for tone, but more expensive and difficult to work with, while poly provides better protection and is cheaper, easier to work with and lasts longer. I dont have a time limit or a real budget so i don't mind which i use and have enough random wood around to practice on all summer so i dont mind using nitro if its only real flaw was expense and how hard it is to use. Oh and i've heard that on most bodies they use filler to build up a layer and that it affects tone, would it be a good idea to sand that back too?

cheers for any help :D

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