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Noob Warning, Trem To Hardtail Convers On Squier

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OK, I have read the trem to hardtail conversion tutorial, so heres the question.

I have a 86 or so Squier HM ( Korean made) and I really like it. I am going to convert to hardtail, since I do not use the trem and would rather have the through body blah blah blah.

So what wood do I use ? Is it OK to not use the same wood ? Does anybody know what these are made of ? I was thinking of either trying to match the wood or use something better, just wondering if anybody thought that putting a different wood in the bridge location could / would improve the sound any.

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I disagree with the "its probably plywood statement". Early 80's Squiers were made out of Ash and they are rapidly gaining in collectibility. They easily outdid American Made Fenders from the same era. EASILY. Granted we aren't talking about an early 80's JV, but still, you can't just throw out a blanket statement like that. There was also the pro-tone series (Ash), the MIM series (poplar), and now the MIC (Made in China) Affinity guitars are made out of Alder.

Squiers CAN be a whole lot of guitar for a little money.

Back to the question at hand, I agree with thegarehanman's recommendations on wood to use. Even poplar might be a good choice, as it is very inexpensive.

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