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Hey guys!

I am attempying to rewire a strat to make it a closer fit for my usage.

I use the neck pup allot and I really like to roll my volume control back to get a nice clean funk or RB tone.

The problem is the master volume needs to go back up in addition to switching to the bridge , along w/ a tap dance on the pedal board for the solo's.Obviously , even cutting out one step would be welcome!

I've been thinking about using a "sub-volume " on the neck pup only. I found the info on the stew mac site on how to keep two volume controls from interacting, but I'm also curious, : If the value of the pot can effect the brightness of the pups output because its parallel w/ it, won't putting another volume control in parallel( before it gets to the master volumes) make things brighter by giving two paths , and thus, less resistance??

I'm thinking of the rule that states two resistors in parallel will halve their resistance.

I would appreciate any input, and I apologize if this is a daff question... It's been a while since electronics classes!!! :D

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It's easy enough to wire a separate neck volume, but you'll need a 2-pole true 5-way switch - the standard Strat switch is a 3 way switch (positions 2 and 4 simply short 1 or 5 to 3). Use one pole to switch the pickups, and the other to switch volume pots. If treble loss is a problem, a treble bleed cap on each volume pot will probably take care of it. If you want to complete isolation, simply use a 4 pole Superswitch to completely bypass whichever control(s) you don't want in each position.

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