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Many of you by now should know the situation i am in, seeing as i have made many many posts concerning it on different subjects but here;s the story again. Bought an old guitar want to fix it up. On the back of the guitar there are multiple scratches and dents that look more like paint damage then anything. I put some black paint on there to cover it up for now, but it actually dried lighter then the orginal surface. So now I need to know what i should do to touch up these spots. What kind of paint, what brand, how much, etc. So far all that i can gather maybe is sand down the paint i just put on, but thats all. Thank you.

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Well for the scratches and indentations I used to use testors model paint since it dried dark and black as can be and if you let it dry for several days it will also blend and polish up good using the finest wet/dry paper you can find of course and a hard flat rubber block to keep everything smooth and level.

Thats my old quick, cheap and easy fix way. Now days I tend to sand them down smooth and just paint over the entire body again. The hardest part your running up against is the pigment of the paint and since it is black of course your finding out there are actually different shades of that (thank goodness it isn't like white with a million shades).

Best bet is to experiment if you can before painting but yes sounds like sanding off the old down to smooth then painting a nice even coat over the entire back is going to be your best solution.

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