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snapped bridge pin

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last week i was changing the strings on my tanglewood acoustic. when i pulled out the top e pin the head broke off and left the rest inside. i understand that replacing the pin isn't at all complex but how can i get the remainder of the pin out of the bridge :D

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Well, if you can't reach your hand inside the sound hole to push it out, I would drill a small hole in the bridge pin, (1/8" diameter should work) Put a screw into the bridge pin, and use pliers to grab the head of the screw and pull it out.

If you are sure you can drill dead center on the pin (not likely or recommended due to the groove in most bridge pins) you could measure the smallest diameter in the existing bridge pin holes and drill the pin out, just remember those holes are tapered, so ONLY drill with the smallest size diameter drill for the hole.

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