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Carbon neck reinforcement rods

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Stew mac

Truss Rods>Carbon Fiber Neck Rods

Can these rods be used to replace a truss rod altogether? with only one(or two) of these? In the description it says that they can be used to supplement an adjustable truss rod, but since it also says that they are stronger than the equivalent volume of steel, doesn't this mean that it can be used as a non-adjustable truss rod, perhaps fill this role better than a steel one?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


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Well, I suppose they could be, the problem is, wood can still move over time, and if you don't have the truss rod for adjustment, you are screwed. Especially if you discover that right off the start you need some adjustment, truss rods are in there for a reason, I'd suggest using the carbon rods in conjunction with the truss rod.

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