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ok im winding my first humbucker. i did the first coil, and onto the second i realized im unsure of something. to get teh humbucking effect, do the coils have to be wound reverse? im unclear as ive read places that show diagrams clearly stating that both coils go the same direction but are wired up in a certain manner whereas some others show the coils wound in opposite directions. any help is greatly appreciated.

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Wind both coils in the same direction.

The magnetic polarity should be opposite, though. To achieve that, it depends on the topology of your humbucker. Alnico rods, bar magnets, ...?

thanks. bar magnet, ive got that part figured out. just wanted to double check before i wound my second coil. going well so far, 6.45k onthe first one, hand wound with a lego machine :D

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Cool. To get the humbucker effect in series, you'll just have to connect the two "inner" wires of the coils together, and the two "outter" wires will be the output and ground.

That effectively connects the two coils in series out of phase, but since the magnetic polarity is reversed, you get the proper summing of the string signals in phase. And the EM noise, which is about the same in the two coils, gets canceled out...


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