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Rounding Fret Board

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i was wondering if it would be alright to round both sides of the fret board a little bit by sanding. just to make it a little smoother and maybe it will feel better while playing.

If your talking about the top edges(with the fretends resting on them) just make sure you dont take too much off, or the fret ends will sit off the board, or you can do it once fretted to make the bevel ends rounded. Just dont take too much like I did, I've got to redo everything now.

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If you have a cabinet scraper, use that instead.

Think that'll work with the frets?

Supposedly, the neck edges will round over just from playing...might take a few years though.

But I just did this to a neck I have here....I did it with sandpaper, because I was reshaping the rest of the neck a bit

I wasn't being too careful about it though so the edges aren't all that even--they weave in a bit between the frets on some of the lower frets.

I'm thinking what I SHOULD have done was build a special sanding block for it --(actually, it's not too late, I'm still planning on doing this, but I want to use this neck later this month for a couple of weeks):

I plan to take a long block of wood, route a groove in there approximately equivalent to the roundness of the fretboard I want, then line that with sandpaper that will cut through the fret ends as well as the wood.

I figure if the block is long enough, I'll end up with a fairly even fretboard edge.

Keep in mind that this is a spare neck and I don't really care if I screw it up

Also, if you take too much off the edges, you'll have to get a new nut cut--and the spacing of the strings will change.

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