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My Plan (good Or Bad?)


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I know little to nothing about finishing wood, but I started with whatever knowledge I have... what do you think?

Saturday (last) - 1 coat of Polymerized Tung oil: back of neck/headstock, entire body.

Sunday - lightly sand with 320 grit then same as Saturday

Monday - Same as Saturday

Tuesday - " "

Wednesday - " "

Today (Thursday) - " "

Friday - " "

Saturday - " "

Sunday - " "

Monday - lightly sand with 400 grit then final coat.

....after rubbing the excess tung oil off... leave it to completely dry for 2 days

So how does that sound? 10 coats? Too little? Too much?

Also... even though I masked off the fretboard (ebony), I end up getting some tung oil on the edges of the fingerboard. Is this a bad thing? Whenever I do, I try to rub it up as much as possible with a damp piece of an ol t-shirt (instead of a cloth), but there's always some left. Won't it just wear off the fretboard eventually?


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