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Back Routing

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I want to do a telecaster, with everything routed from the back, no pickgaurd, or electric switch plate, I want the front as "clean' as possible. Has any one done it? Can someone help me with a template? I dont have access to one to get any measurments from.


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You just described pretty much how I build all my Teles.

What's your budget for this guitar, and do you know how to use a router and router templates?

My budget....I guess unlimited, To the point Where Im that guy that will save money a year to buy that 1 part I want :D Of course I would rather spend just a couple hundred but if the proper parts cost more then so be it. as for the router I have done quite a bit with one, (edging tables, counter tops, plaques ect...) but never a template. I am a real quick learner though.

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You'll do fine then. :D

I typically use:

Stew-Mac's routing templates

Stew-Mac's pattern routing bit with 3 extra bearings stacked

(although someone might chime in with a cheaper place to buy the bit, I don't mind as they last for years, really good quality bits)


The rear control cavity templates (2 included),

Telecaster bridge pkp template

Strat style non-pickguard neck pkp template

Fender style Neck Pocket template

You should be able to find all these at Stew-Mac's website.

Since I don't use pickguards, I route the neck pocket a little deeper than normal (normal being 5/8") and then give it a very slight angle to kick the action back up, or tilt, because without the pickguard, the neck looks like it sits a little bit too high, sort of slightly awkward looking, so burying it and tilting it takes care of that.

Besides that, you're off to the races.

The rear control cavity template is big enough to accomodate any control layout you might have in mind.

To do the 3-way switch slot, I use a dremel tool with the Stew-Mac router base and the proper dremel tool bit, but I always have to file it out a little too until it's 'just right'.

There are places on the net to get Tele body templates, but I don't know specifically where to find one as I already have my own that I made.

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http://www.routerbits.com/ is my more or less 'one stop shop' for router bits. Good prices, fast service, top quality whiteside bits that last ages. They don't quite do all the sizes, and for some things (say, small diameter template bits, short cutting length for pickup cavities) StewMac is probably the easiest way to go. And as Drak said, they last ages anyway.
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Thanks for the info! Drak I did not see an actual tele template on stew mac, but my brother is bringing his new/used 200 buck mim tele he bought last night for me to use. I have a router bit that is the opposite of the template bit, but It can be used to "make" a template. Then move the bearing to the top of my other bit and add a tube I'll have the bit then I need!

Thanks again


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