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Hi Guys and Gals

I'm a newbie building my first guitar, I have made the Body and neck of of the guitar from some really old Black Walnut I cut it in the Telecaster shape.

I was looking into buying a brass bridge with three brass saddles as I read on the seymour duncan web site that you get better intonation with this setup the problem I'm faced with is that I am fitting two humbuckers into this guitar and all the bridges I have seen are for standard tele single coil setups. Can I use a standard tele bridge and cut the bridge short to allow for mounting the humbucker?

I have also toyed with idea of fitting an acoustic style Ebony bridge but am not sure if I can utilize String through body with this setup. Any Ideas?

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You don't have to use a Tele bridge at all. The only reason there are "Tele bridges" is because people like the look of them on teles. You have a few options: First, Stewmac sells Tele bridges with a humbucker sized pickup hole. Or, you could get just a standard hardtail bridge and not worry about tele bridges at all.

As for the question about the wooden bridges, I'm not sure. I'm sure you could figure out some way to get one to work with string through body, however I'm not sure.

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