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Finishing(laquering) my guitar


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As you can (hopefully) see i've painted my guitar Hendrix stylee


(although its not quite finished)

However i was admittedly abit foolish and did it without really knowing anything about finishing guitars so i'm hoping someone here can give me a hand...

i did it quite awhile ago so im not 100% sure but i think i used white primer for the undercoat and white areas and standard acrylic for the red and black and maybe poster paint for the green

am i right in thinking i now need to put clear laquer over the top? to stop it chipping

someone told me i can buy laquer in wood floor shops or is there somewhere i should order it from? (i live in the UK)

what type should i use?

Also when i do laquer it:

should i remove neck or could i get away with just masking it up?

and does anyone have any idea what i should do to the scratchplate as its been painted on too obviously i can't just leave it as all the paint will get scratched off...should I laquer this too or maybe just use plain varnish?

p.s. im not after an amazing pro-finish like some you guys do I just want to protect the paintjob.

thanks in advance for any help.

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You should be able to get a acrylic poly I've been using a water base one thats also used on floors..Stays clear.Lacquer is maybe to soft over all that and you would need a water wht or it ambers..remove neck.

thanks i'll try to get that and i will remove the neck.

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