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Precision --jazz --hot Rod/special


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I picked up a set of pickups and pots from a Precision Hot Rod (or Special --it's not clear, the serial number started with MZ, but underneath that it states clearly Made in the USA, no big deal either way).

I'm tempted to with just the Precision pickups and leave off the Jazz pickup --unless someone can give me a good reason why I should go through the hassle of installing the Jazz pickup too?

One clear advantage of the Precision is that I also have a pickguard for it --so routing for it will be easier (i.e., the guard will hide any possible mistakes I might make).

Also can someone point me to some specs --I'm looking for the correct placement of the Precision pickups -- I don't have the guard here yet ---like the distance from the nut or saddles?

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Do you slap, that could affect position as you need more room in between the pickup and neck.

Basically it is all down to personal preference, bridge for an airy trebly sound, neck for a deeper bassy tone, slapping should be about the same distance as a stingray about 2/3rds of the way from the neck to the bridge as in neck----pickup--bridge

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No, I don't slap at all... and I don't use my fingers anymore, I use one of those big ol' felt picks. (I only play bass for recording)

I'm looking for a fairly trebly sound, but not too much -- like to fill out the bottom, but still have some definition on the high end.

I'm leaning toward just the p-bass pups though. Want my jazz pup? :D

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