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Stainless Steel Fret?

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Well...i just hate having to reshape and refret my neck everyonce in a few years...

I know stainless steel lasts much longer than the normal fretwire...

I am sort of in the process of building/customing a guitar myself, and would like to know if I should go with stainless steel fret or just stay with the normal nickel silver.

I have heard from many people fretting/levelling is a very hard job itself on nickel silver fret already, and stainless steel is even harder.

This will be my first time fretting a guitar.

I really want to use ss and dont' mind spending an extra 5 hrs doing it.

But for those who has done it with ss, really how "hard" it is to fret with ss, especially comparing to fretting with nickel silver.

What exactly is so hard about it? Basically harder to sand and level? Or harder to put in?

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