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  1. Yep, Alex is great
  2. Not sure why you have to try to disagree by saying exactly what I was. I came here to show respect. Not argue.
  3. just heard the news. Brian really laid down a great set of parameters to really let this forum grow, and help all those who wanted to participate. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Respect. Condolences to his family.
  4. Some of us still pop in from time to time
  5. For the record, the Shark was a candy clear over unstained Quilt Maple. As per StratsRdivine's post.
  6. Its certainly a difficult business to "make it" in. Of course, levels of success are what we determine them to be. Five years ago I'd achieved everything I had ever dreamed of, and more. Now? Im of the opinion I was just mucking around, and Im not even half way where I want to be. To some, Im an inspiration (or frustration!). To Fender? "Who's that clown with those funny frets?" My original goal was to "work in a hardware store, to support three days a week building guitars". I never in my wildest imagination thought I'd have five staff. Now I wonder "How many people will be working
  7. Ive chatted about this stuff on the luthierist podcast. If your quality isnt there, you can fool people for a while, but eventually you come unstuck. If you dont have something different, no one will care. Forget about trying to emulate someone else, you dont know how they got there or why. Example: a company recently tried to emulate our sales process, with similar products, and cheaper pricing. We sold approx $200k worth of guitars in a week. They have yet to see a single sale. You need to learn how to market your wares. (and going to open mic nights is not marketing) You n
  8. Sure, but if the body joins at the fretboard glue line, and the imaginary fretboard glue line is 12mm above the body AT THE BRIDGE, and that point is, lets say, 250mm from the body joint at the neck, then you need to pack your jig 12mm high for every 250mm in length. If the jig is lets say, 600mm long, then it needs a 28.8mm packer to be at the correct angle (12/250x600=28.8). If the body is 5mm below the glue line, the bridge is still 12mm, so its 7mm over 250 (using a 600mm jig = 7/250x600 = 16.8mm packer) I cant see an easier way of doing it than that. Finding the actual correct n
  9. Yes, the body angle will change. More importantly though, the height of the bridge wont. Forget the math. Ive never, ever, EVER, needed to, or even KNOWN the actual angle of any body to neck join, for any guitar Ive built. It's irrelevant. It is just a number. Even if you knew that angle, transferring it to a body blank is excessively awkward. But, if you've drawn it like I do, it's really easy.
  10. Yes, you can start the body anywhere you like. You could also start it at the 16th, and drop it lets say, 3mm, also. The point that the body starts isnt relevant. It's where ever you want it to be. All it does is visualize, and calculate, the angle you need
  11. Mix in plastic. When Ive had tiny white dots in the clear, it was from the solvents not being able to escape prior to the surface skinning over. Could have been moisture too, but thats the reason they gave me. It stopped when I used less reducer, and removed heat sources. I use poly or acrylic urethane, 5% reducer max, fast hardner, and the additive hardner booster, and a couple drops of silicone retarder. I spray a mist, then heavy coat. If it doesnt look like its about to all run off, I didnt put enough on. I'll often hang the guitar for a couple minutes, then flip it and hang it fro
  12. That is why your experiences are different... because you are using heat lamps... Without them it doenst dry like that naturally. I have mixed it exactly and sprayed it exactly as directions say... and it never dried on wood sealer. But dried fine on paint. Speaking from personal experience, not opinion... And obviously depends on brand and quality... lower qualites are just not the same, as i have found. Dont assume I always use lamps. I simply added that bit in case you were...
  13. 1. wrong 2. wrong If you follow the instructions to the letter, within the parameters of the product, it will do exactly as it says. Ive sprayed final coats less than 24 hours before assembly and buffing, and then putting it in a case, to freeze in a cargo hold of a 22 hour flight. If you are heating the paint to assist in curing, you need to let it gas off first. It it skins off the solvents cant escape, and it will remain soft.... forever. I allow 4-5 minutes for gas off, then hit it with heat lamps.
  14. Glad to see there isnt a "no money to be made, so Im just going to complain". It takes guts to go towards the next step, but it can be very rewarding. If I can help in any way, Id be glad to.
  15. Im a lot less organised. If in the far future anyone ever wanted to document my business and history, they'd be in for a tough time.
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