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What is a better type of bass for slapping, p or j, im asking ebcause i need to know what pickups would be better, and before you ask i dont want a p-j bass because i don't really like them, also what would be the best sort of pups to give me a great slaping tone, im in australia so i cant really get my hands on anything good im sort of limited to http://www.bmusic.com.au/category766_1.htm

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It's kinda hard to give you a straight answer. Depends on your own tastes. Some people like the slapping sound on P-type pickups, others on J-type, others on a combination of both, and others yet on different kinds of humbuckers, etc.

I'm a little surprised that you can't answer your own question. Have you not tried both types of pickups and seen which you liked better for slap?

Now if you want a very generic answer, the classic Jazz Bass pickup will kinda give you the classic jazz/funky slap tone (see Marcus Miller), while a Precision pickup by itself will not give a satisfying slap tone, not enough "bite" (but some people like it, so who knows...)

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