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i just made a 2 conductor HB into a 4 and am about to wire it up using the

SD 1 humbucker,1 volume series/split/parrallel schematic.

im using a DPDT on-off-on so it will be series/off/parallel.

but i dont know which colour represents each coils hot and ground.

from looking at this

i know AB and CD are each coil but i dont know which is hot and which is ground.

am i right in saying that since im not splitting it it doesnt matter whether AB=bridge coil or CD=bridge coil?

so as long as someone could (please) tell me whether A and C are the hots or grounds i could wire it up?

thanks heaps

(im standing by with soldering iron)

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A is hot, C is ground.

In the case of your Duncan, Black is hot, Green is ground

i took a guess at a and c being hot and it seems to have worked.

you say a is hot and c is ground? that doesnt make any sense to me, did you look at the diagram at the top of the link?

i dont have a duncan its a cheap BC Rich (BDSM or something i think) which was

red=hot, white=ground.

i guesstimated it as neck; hot=A ground=b

bridge; hot=c ground=d

and im pretty sure its working how it should be.

what would i expect if i have wrong?

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Humbuckers are normally wired in series. For Duncans, black is hot, green is ground. The coils are flipped around for the neck and bridge positions, but the wiring is the same. A is hot, C is ground. I assumed you were using a Duncan pickup because you mentioned using the SD diagram.

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