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Hey Guys, this is a great site! I've been reading the posts here for a couple of months and would have posted sooner but I've always been able to find the answer to my questions without posting. I haven't been able to find this question covered though. I am curious what is the best material to use for a material finish?

I read Brian's article on material finishes and have decided to do my own. I love the Floral Pattern JEM and want something to that effect. I think Brian used a light fabric for his tutorial. I've also read that someone made a print of the fabric in Steve Vai's curtain to do the print behind the Floral JEM. So which should I seek to find for my project, fabric or printed paper of somekind?

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Welcome to the (posting side of the) forum Chris :D

just about any material will do, the best will be able to handle the inside curves on the back but you can use cotton or paper or even rayon, it's just a matter of what looks good to you.

On a special note, if it is to thin you may have a problem with to much glue popping through the weave.

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Thanks Brian. I'll keep that in mind and get pics when I get started.

This is a great site, are guitars a hobby or profession for you?

he's a professional hobbiest :D

One thing to keep in mind, if you want to use a fabric with white in it, don't use the yellow carpenters glue shown in the tutorial, it will discolor the fabric, try to use a white or clear glue instead.

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Sorry LGM... I spelled your name wrong above :D

Hey Brian, I'm in the Daytona Beach area, I may have to check out your shop someday. I definately will be needing some F-Spaced Dimarzio Neck pickups (Air Norton... and a Tone Zone and Blue Velvet for the other positions too) soon and nobody seems to carry F-Spaced these days. Do you keep them on hand or do I need to give you advanced notice? I will be putting them into this project guitar someday. School is about over for me so I'll have more time and should be able to start soon. I just need to find the right material. Your site has given me the confidence to give it a try myself.

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