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Big Buuzzz


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Hello everyone,

well first i introduce myself, i'm french, i'm student and i'm 18. I started my first guitar 5 months ago, now it's done, and 2 other guitars have been started.

Next year (school year, i'm hoping to make 4 or 5 guitars)

Well, for my first guitar i only bought one pickup (SH6 Seymour Duncan Distortion, for bridge ) so i have 1 tone and 1 volume.

My problem is that i have a really big buzz when i turn on the volume pot ! When it's about 1 or 2, there is nothing, just a clear good sound, but more i turn more the buz can be heard.

I can stop the buz just by touching the Tone pot with a finger, so i thought that it's only a "grounding" problem, but i don't know.

I didn't ground the bridge yet, (because i forgot, and now, i would have to take out everything, which would take a lot of time.

All pots are ground together, so i dont know why it's doing that,

I'm gonna had a picture soon,

So do you have ideas, to help me ?


sorry if my english sucks some times ^^

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Here are the pics,

Clic on the tiny pics to see them bigger (to big for the forum, that's why) :



Tell me if you see something wrong, (i know the grounding to the pot volume is weird, but i'll do it better)

EDIT :::

yep i'll try to ground the bridge for tests, (it's a Les Paul type bridge it's harder than a Strat bridge to ground), and iff it's that, i'll have to take off everything ... sucks :D:D

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