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Can anyone suggest a good video, book, or workshop (In Illinois) to try and attend that teaches airbrushing? I have been using one for several years now for basic models, and R/C car bodies, but that's about it. No major concepts of shading, or layering, or even masking...

I know there are workshops out there that teach all kinds of things for beginners, and I have read many things that artistic skill is not the main thing involved. A lot of airbrushing has to do with the vision of doing things in layers, and shading, shadowing, etc...

I am not looking to do portraits or anything, just cool stuff like skulls, flames, shet metal look, or LGM's latest on the Impailer, boiling blood. Visually, I can figure out how to do it, but I want some excersises of things to pratice to be able to actually do stuff like that. I do have artistic ability, so it's not like a Zero skill level asking to become a 10 over night.

And any tech. info on compressors, PSI to be used, filters, paint, etc. I have an Iwata HP-C airbrush. As well as a badger, something or another...and a basic compressor capable of 100PSI from Walmart with a 1 gallon storage tank.

Anybody's insight would be great...Especially Jeremy of LGM if you happen to read this! You do amazing work. I'm not looking for any of your secrets, just a good way to get started, and maybe info on how you learned...


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