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Where To Get Metal Paint Handle Paddles?


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I guess they call them paint sticks. Is there a supplier who sells these? It's the long metal shafted handles that are welded to a plate, which is then wood screwed into the neck cavity of a guitar body. I made one out of metal plumbing pipe and joist plate, screwed the two together and used the joist holes to mount my wood screws to the body. I also drilled a hole at the top of the pipe so that I can hang the painted body from the rafters in my garage by a metal hanger.

Mine is such a pain to clean and the ones that I've seen at the Custom Shop look like pipes welded to a 1/4" plate. But their paint sticks are much lighter. Look in any magazine or website that shows the hazmat suited guys finishing guitars with the spray gun. They turn the body using this attachment handle.

I guess I could keep mine but I'm just wondering if some supplier sells something that's a little less Neandertholl looking than mine.

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Dan Erlewine says, "My hanger is a piece of 1" PVC electrical conduit softened with a heat gun so that the end can be squashed flat and bent. A hole drilled through the other end lets me hang it on a hook from the ceiling. I use #10 sheet-metal screws screwed into the body neck-mount holes—they grip the wood but don't leave marks that show later. The small shim angles the holder so that lacquer can flow inside the cavity and roll over the edges."


StewMac Trade Secrets

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