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Basswood And Ferrules


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Hi, i'm making and kelly style body out of basswood for a school project soon and i wanted to make it a string thru body, the ones with a LP bridge bit with the strings going into the body. I was wondering would the basswood be able to hold the strings goin thru the body or would i need Ferrules to stop the string rippin thru the body. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but it seems when ever i search for something nothings there!!!

Cheers Noddy :D

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You need the ferrules, best on both top and back, but definitely on the back. On the top, you could use angled holes/slots so the break doesn't occur on a finished, polished top surface. Over time, string balls would just eat into the wood. The whole shebang would only set you back a couple of bucks, and if you want to go real cheap, bits of metal tubing will do, but that's more work, IMO, than the 5-6 bucks are worth.

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I'm doing a similar project for my bass player and you'll deffinitly want those furreles there.

If you aren't possitive on how to do it, I would have recomended checking out an Ibanez model I was playing at GC a while back, can't find a pic of it though.

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