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Arrrggghhhh ! Never Make Assumptions !

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I am so pissed off at myself today ! :D I made the mistake of assuming that the CAD drawing I am using for my LP DC project was all accurate and to scale.

I have come to find out that the portion of the drawing that shows the full frontal view of the guitar including the neck and headstock is correct and to scale, but, the portion of the drawing that shows the profile side view of the body and neck is not drawn accurately to scale. Unfortunately, I used this part of the CAD to do my measurements for the neck I built for this project. :D

So, now ifnd that the neck I have built will not work with this body because it will cause the bridge to have be moved 1 3/4" further back on the body and not allow me to get all 22 frets on the fretboard before the position of the first pickup is supposed to be.

Aaarrrgghhhhh !!!!!!!

Oh well, back to the workshop. I am trying to look at this like Drak would recommend, as a learning opportunity. B) I have discovered though that the neck I have already built will work on a full LP body design, just not on the double cut away design. So, it is not a total loss. I will just save this neck for another project and build a new one.

I guess the upside is that I have learned from the mistakes I made while making this neck, and my new one should be even better. I am disappointed though, because this was my first attempt at a set neck with a scarf joint and a 3 x 3 headstock, and I thought it had really turned out nicely.

So, as the old adage goes, "Measure twice, (or more) cut once".

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i feel your pain..i hate that initial feeling when you first realize that a big mistake has been made..makes you just want to go over and kick your neighbor's cat..

but you seem to be taking it well and i'll bet you never make the same mistake again.

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Hey, on the bright side, you have the ability and resources to make a new neck. If the last one was your first try and you liked it, imagine the possibilities of a second.

And, in my opinion, it takes alot to recongnize a mistake for what it is and not try to cobble something together anyway. That alone should take you in the right direction.

Good Luck on the build!

Nate Robinson :D

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mailman, you lost me. What "site are you talking about ? I actually got the CAD drawing from a member here at PG, and I am not pointing fingers at anyone. No where did the drawing make the claim that it was accurate to scale.

I should have checked before making the assumption. Like I said, one view of the drawing was correct, it was the second profile view that was off. I am disappointed that I will have to do the whole necjk again, but I am glad the first one will usable later.

So, Ce La Vie !

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