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First off, I looked on the seymour duncan page along with the page on the project guitar site that lists a whole bunch of diagrams and I couldn't find what I wanted. Since I have very little skill in this area I am humbly requesting some help. This is what I am looking for.


5 way switch

2 volumes

kill switch

position 1-neck

position 2-neck and middle

position 3-bridge and middle

position 4-bridge and neck

position 5-bridge

I want 1 volume pot to control the neck and middle and the other one to control the bridge pickup.

If anyone has time to do this or lend some help in any form thatwould be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.


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Well, not with a standard 5-way, but a 4 pole switch might get you what you want. Let me stare at it a while, and I'll holler back if I can figure it out (unless somebody else already has it done by then :D ). I'm assuming that you want all those combos in parallel, like a regular Strat - if not, please let us know soonest.

<EDIT> See if this'll do what you want - it's a Stew-Mac Superswitch:


Click on the pic for a larger version.

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Any 4 pole 5-way will work, although the physical layout may be different. WD offers an Oak double wafer switch (WDE5XL), and Allparts has a similar unit (EP1112? not sure...), so there are several options. Enjoy, and let us know how it works for you (particularly after you've played it for a while).

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