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I searched and found a couple things on the subject, but nothing really delved into it as much as I would have liked it to. I want to put a synth driver, 13 pun, in a future guitar and I was wondering a couple things.

1) How difficult is this to do?

2) Any other "kits" out there that use piezo saddles, and not that ugly roland one that has an actual hex pickup sitting on the guitar's top... I want something that I can put IN the bridge, like piezo saddles.

3) Would it fit on a Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge?

4) Where's a good place to buy this? (stewmac has nothing, and musiciansfriend only has the external and internal hardware with the hex pickup)


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Far as I can tell, you've got two options: the RMC system, and the GraphTech GHOST system, both of which you should be able to get it direct. Contact them about what bridges it will or will not fit into, although it seems RMC is geared for basic fender styles and TOMs, not much else. GraphTech has a much wider variety of different saddle types.

They're both expensive, probably at least 300(Ghost) to 600(RMC) bucks for the electronics alone (before you even get a guitar synth, that is; I think the Graphtech system's the cheaper of the two) at the least, quite possibly more. I wouldn't think installation would be terribly difficult; route space for it, pop it in per manufacturer's instructions, wire to pickups and output, move on. The Ghost system's also modular, which is nice.

The system I've been tickled by is the one on Brian Moore guitars, which seems to provide both 13-pin and bog-standard MIDI signals, so you can use any midi device, in theory.




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