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Chip On Sunburst Finish


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Hey guys, i'm looking to get an Epi LP to upgrade etc...and found this one on ebay. it's got a chip at the bottom of the body on the front unfortunately. I was just wondering if it's repairable? I don't want to refinish it, i'd just like to touch it up.

Take a look at the pics at the bottom to see the chip:


Any advice on how i'd go about repairing such a chip would be great guys, cos i'm new to the whole finishing business.


Stephen :D

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i couldn't get the link to open up but if it's a big chip..one that goes to the wood..and you're not experienced in re-finishing you might not want to tackle it.

it takes a lot of experience in matching colors and shooting lacquer or poly and buffing and everything else that goes into finishing an entire guitar to be able to patch one. and taking it to a pro can be expensive..and rightfully so..it's very labor intensive.

there again..if it's not a terribly expensive guitar it could be one to learn on. do some searching in the finishing tutorials, read some posts and see if you're comfortable with it.

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