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Desperately In Need Of Help From Anyone Who Can


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I have the drawings for a 1959 Les Paul. I plan on building the body myself, from scratch. I'm pretty sure I can adequately handle this task. The neck, however, I do not think I could properly do, nor do I have the funds.

I looked to Warmoth for help, they offered this information: (cut and pasted blue bits)

"Also keep in mind that our Les Paul bodies are in the 25 ½” scale instead of the 24 ¾” like Gibson made LP’s."

(does this mean the body is bigger? smaller? or the same size as a LP from 1959??)

"The 1959 Les Paul drawings you have will not be compatible with our necks due to the scale differences. Remember that Gibson made LP’s are in the 24 ¾” scale while our necks are made for the 25 ½”. That means the bridge placement on these plans will be incorrect"

(I understand this but i DO NOT understand why they cannot tell me where to move the bridge TO. I emailed them with other questions and I guess if I BUY a body from them they can mark all over tha damned thing, but apparently in an email they have no idea what to tell me, I feel a bit jipped, honestly.....I just want to know where to relocate the bridge from the original spot, all i need is a measurement.....)

"You can route the Strat heel pocket, if you’re a skill wood worker this shouldn’t be a problem. But with a Tune-O-Matic bridge you have to angle the neck pocket down so the strings lay over the neck properly."

(I knew this already, but I appreciate his attn to detail.....but WHAT ANGLE??? I still don't get why they can't tell me, but they would route it themselves if I again, BOUGHT their body)

So what I need to know, basically, since I ramble:

Is my Les Paul body going to need to be bigger/smaller? how much? anyone know the figures?

If no body size modification is needed, how far from the original bridge pins do i need to route, and in what direction?

What angle do i route the pocket into the body at?

He told me I was shooting in the dark with this idea, and I understand with my limited knowledge, I could be, I suppose I just don't WANT to be, since it seems SO feasible....

If anyone who is versed enough in the subject help me out here, I would appreciate it, very much. Thank you to anyone in advace who can provide ANY helpful information. I really am in debt to you.

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Yep, sounds like you're at the beginning of the educational process...take your time and read up on things...it's more fun when you've got an idea of what and why you're doing.

When you're ready, go HERE --it's the StewMac fret calculator and it's your friend...it'll tell you exactly where to position the bridge for your neck.

Why buy a neck from Warmoth? They don't make LP necks--a real LP neck is 24.75 scale, not 25.5 --they're just being lazy. And I believe their LP neck is maple? Huh? On an LP?

Sure, everything's possible...but there are plenty of other necks available. Look around ebay, you'll find what you need. Okay, it's difficult to find one with a tenon, that's true enough...luckily these just came up: Unfinished Washburn Neck --they're new, they're mahogany, got the tenon, they're the right scale and they haven't been finished yet!

I already bought mine, it's on the way...won't know if it's worth it until it gets here.

This will let you keep the normal LP size, shape, bridge placement, etc. Shame on Warmoth!

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