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No Neck Angle With Wraparound Bridge?


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Well, the title contains most of the question, but in summary, is it possible to have a 0 angle (neck not headstock) bolt-on neck with a Gibson style wraparound bridge (the kind that has the adjustable saddles as part of the one bridge unit...I think it is called a "Badass" bridge??).

I drew the side view to calculate the action and angle (if I had one) but I'm not sure if the action would be too high in the higher frets without a neck angle. Couldn't I just raise the neck a little further above the body to compensate for the slightly higher bridge than the Fender style hardtail bridge?

If this is not possible/practical for whatever reason, is it possible to have a bolt-on neck that is angled? It seems to me like it should be, I just feel like I must be missing something since I never seem to really see angled bolt-on necks...thanks.


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It is possible to use a TOM/Badass bridge with a 0 degree neck, but you will have to sink the bridge into the body slightly. This what I'm doing with my current guitar. Just try the search function and you should find some examples of this.

PS. What part of NS are you from? I'm Cape Breton born and raised :D:D

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I've got a question on this one just out of curiosity. How easily will the badass load a string if it is recesssed? Never used a wraparound myself.

If you want to angle the neck you could shim it to get the right angle. I don't like the feel of angled necks myself, plus there a loss of mojo if you use shims, or so I've heard.

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That's a good point...you'd have to scoop out access grooves for it. I think it'd look really cool though.

As for the shim...I built a metal shim--actually a plate that fills the whole pocket-- for my telecaster, because I replaced the neck--the new neck's heel was not a thick. I only had it together for a little while, but it sounded great. It should be ready to sand n polish this weekend...it's not an angled shim of course.

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