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Anybody Have A Tacoma Neck ?

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Getting ready to do a re-fret on this, but there's an "issue" that's bugging the hell out of me.


part of the heel has had a taper sanded into it.


Laying a straight-edge, shows the biggest part of the gap at the very end is .043"

Then with string tension after a few days, the gap is .029".

My problem : Was this done at the factory, or some hack mod ? If it's factory, I probably want to leave it be, if it's a hack job, I want to make it gone.

(and I even figure the "hacker" could very well be a PG member :D )

The Tacoma company is apparently in some sort of "transition" right now, and emails are bouncing back. I doubt a phone call would get me anywhere either.

My best luck would be if someone had a Tacoma neck that they could just look at and see whether or not it has had any of this kind of sanding done to the heel. That would give a pretty good answer to my question.

I know slim chance I'll get an answer. I think I've only gotten an answer 1 time to an important question here. :D

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Yep, just got bought by Fender, and the rumors flying around are that all new Tacoma guitars will be built in Korea like the Olympia guitars were, not Washington state. I have no idea if that's true or not, but I wouldn't put it past Fender. Tacoma does a much better job of building acoustics than Guild, but Guild will likely be their high dollar brand. Tacoma will be their import mid-range brand. Sad, since they were the best bang for the buck in a US made acoustic.

I don't know if it's intentional or not, as my Tacoma has a set neck.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...

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It's the first Tacoma I've had my hands on, and it's also the straightest (well behaving) neck I've worked on in at least 2 years. The truss-rod works great. Even with the "issue" at the heel (changing .010"), the T-rod seems to correct anything that causes the fret-board to change shape with minimal adjustment.

Fret-work is not great, assuming it's factory (looks like someone might have practiced fret-dressing on it).

Customer wants huge "6000" size frets on it. :D

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